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Strength Equipment

Insignia Series

An elegant selectorized line that is enticing to exercisers of all fitness levels and serves as the optimal interaction between exerciser and machine.
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Attractive & Inviting

Eye-catching design and low-profile towers create equipment that is appealing to all exercisers and results in an extremely inviting facility environment.


Smooth Motion

Expert design creates controlled, natural feeling motions that provide an enjoyable experience for users at all fitness levels.


Wide range of training approaches

For all facility users

8 upper body machines utilize independent motion to maintain equilateral muscle development and accommodate exercisers with physical limitations.


Increased Accessibility

Articulating Seats

Counterbalanced seat angle articulates with height adjustments to ensure optimum positioning and effectiveness for exercisers of all sizes.


Superior Engineering

Grips Designed with Intelligence

Elliptical-shaped grips are oriented for each type of machine. “Pulling” exercises have a small gripping area that fingers securely wrap around. “Pushing” exercises use a large surface area to distribute pressure evenly.


Intuitive Design

Ease of Adjustment

Adjustment dials and knobs have large diameters and feature rubber gripping areas to make them easier to use. A bright yellow color makes every adjustment point easy to recognize.


Instruction Made Easy

Placards clearly depict what muscles are being trained, what adjustments can be made, and proper movement. Rep counter and timer make it easy for exercisers to keep track of their workouts.

Premium strength equipment

see Insignia in action

Built To A Higher Standard

Equipment For Every Need

A wide breadth of strength equipment gives a facility the ability to choose fitness equipment that fits its needs.
Built to run for ages


Our treadmills for commercial gyms reduce joint stress, provide effective cardio workouts and offer entertainment for all levels of exercisers.