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Consistently captivating experiences

Life Fitness Consoles

The cardio workout experiences of your exercisers are determined by the consoles they use. Premium Discover consoles offer immersive experiences, plenty of entertainment options and the connection to fitness apps and wearables that exercisers expect. Intuitive Integrity SL consoles are for those that want to get-on-and-go and still have access to the same connectivity found on premium console offerings. Create the experience ideal for your facility and your exercisers.
Cardio Console Evolution

Discover SE4 Console

The Discover SE4 Console is the pinnacle of cardio console technology. It offers everything your users expect, and everything you need to set your cardio equipment apart.
It boasts an incredibly vivid screen, improved speed and performance, full connectivity to wearables, wireless charging for mobile devices, and a range of streaming entertainment options. The SE4 console embodies the height of research and cardio innovation.



With the Life Fitness Discover SE4 Console, you are not just investing in a piece of equipment; you are embracing a new era of fitness technology. With AIT technology and a strategically positioned touchscreen sensor, this console offers unmatched responsiveness. Enjoy vivid imagery, regardless of ambient light, and a slim profile thanks to the embedded LCD sensor. In addition, SE4 supports wireless charging, allowing you to conveniently power up your devices while you work out.


500+ On-Demand Fitness Experiences

Life Fitness On Demand+

The vivid, cinematic-quality of Discover SE4 is ideal for the immersive cardio experiences offered by Life Fitness On Demand+, which provides engaging cardio content that keeps exercisers coming back. Life Fitness On Demand+ allows exercisers access to over 500 on-demand fitness experiences, and gives facilities the tools to create customized video content. 

Learn More About LFOD+

User-Friendly Features

The Life Fitness Discover SE4 Console is a user-friendly powerhouse that elevates the fitness experience. With fast phone charging, Bluetooth® headphone support, Apple® and Samsung® watch connectivity, and ANT+ heart rate training, this console offers seamless convenience. Stay powered up, immersed in sound, track your progress effortlessly, and optimize your training with precision while you workout.

Integrity+SE4 - Exerciser - Recumbent Bike

Durability, Maintenance, Warranty

Designed to be a durable and low-maintenance fitness companion backed by a new 3-year warranty. Built to withstand intense workouts, this console offers peace of mind and exceptional customer support. Elevate your fitness experience with the Discover SE4 Console today.

ExerciserOnTread withLFOD-SE3HD-Image
Digitally Immersive Fitness Experience

Discover SE3 HD Console

SE3 HD is the result of extensive research that asked what makes a consistently captivating experience.

With engaging layouts, simple discoverability and a host of other digital advances including integrated streaming video services, the Discover SE3 HD console brings your facility to the forefront of the digital fitness world.


Life Fitness on Demand+

Free access to more than 500 exciting fitness experiences included on console. This complimentary offering includes 100+ interactive terrains and 400+ instructor lead workouts. LFOD+ is available to new and existing customers when they connect to Halo. Life Fitness On Demand+ is designed to help you win, by providing engaging cardio experiences that keep your members coming back.

Learn more about LFOD+

Advertising for Your Facility

Customised Messages

Home screens and scrolling messages can be customised to promote facility programs and services, boost brand loyalty, and keep exercisers up to date with news and events. With connection to Halo Fitness Cloud, you can reach members with templated emails and create cohesive messaging. You can also offer facility-wide challenges to motivate your exercisers.

Integrity-Treadmill-SE3 HD-Console-Male-Running-Standard-View-087v2

Rich Entertainment

High Definition

High-definition, 21.5" (on treadmills) 1080p TV means your exercisers get a rich entertainment experience. Bring out the beauty of Lifescape courses or get exercisers' favorite shows in sharp and crisp video.

ExercisersOnIngegrityFamilyWithSL-2 (1)
Rethink LED

Integrity SL Console

Built for exercisers looking to get on and go, without sacrificing the connection offered by wearables and fitness apps. Integrity consoles feature a straightforward design with intuitive navigation.
WomanRunningOnIntegrityTreadmillWithSL (1)

Rethink LED

Service and maintenance made easy

Technology has been added to make it easier for service techs to diagnose and remedy any issues. A facility can set performance/preventive maintenance metrics and be alerted to them with a service/maintenance notification light on the console.

Driving Innovation

Equipment For Every Need

A wide breadth of cardio equipment allows you to select the fitness equipment that fits your unique needs.
Built to run for ages


Our treadmills for commercial gyms reduce joint stress, provide effective cardio workouts and offer entertainment for all levels of exercisers.