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The SYNRGY180 training system saves space by doubling as a wall-adjacent accessory storage unit and functional training rig.  It's designed for small group training—instructor led or not—to fit any exerciser’s fitness level or coach’s programming needs.  It’s a modular system that can be custom-configured as a simple single-bay training rig or expanded to be a full room multi-bay training rig with a variety of HIIT elements.

Unlimited Bays. Unlimited training potential.

SYNRGY180-Duo4 RIGHT Front w Accessories


1 Bay

Build the core of your unit around available space and with the training applications you prefer.

SYNRGY180-Duo4 RIGHT Front w Accessories-KG_mr


2 Bays

Add size and flexibility to your SYNRGY180 for more exercise variation or accessory storage.

SYNRGY180-Mix Front w Accessories_mr


3 Bays

Choose a side to increase your accessory storage capacity without increasing the live training area.

No Concrete? No Problem

Synrgy180 Freestanding Image


Freestanding System

In facilities where bolt-to-floor is not an option, the Freestanding System makes it possible to securely install a SYNRGY180 and benefit from its training versatility.

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Synrgy180 Freestanding - White

Freestanding System Only

Synrgy180 Core w/ Freestanding System

Synrgy180 Core w/ Freestanding System

Synrgy180 Core w/ Freestanding System and Accessories

Synrgy180 Core w/ Freestanding System and Accessories


Make It Your Own With

Color Options

Match your facility color scheme and the intensity of your workouts.

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Technical Specifications

Reimagine Your Exercise Facility

Facility Transformations

Discover how Life Fitness transforms facilities to create memorable experiences for your exercisers.

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