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Life Fitness

Power Bands

Each Power Band is made to withstand even the toughest athletes under harsh conditions. From speed, agility, and velocity to strength training and rehab, the Power Band offers exercisers the variety, durability and resistance they need for each unique workout.

Technical Specifications

ACC-BD-1000-01 Power Band, 41 X 0.25in X 4.5MM Thick, 2-6 lbs, Orange
ACC-BD-1001-01 Power Band, 41 X 0.5in X 4.5MM Thick, 5-25 lbs, Red
ACC-BD-1002-01 Power Band, 41 X 0.5in X 6MM Thick, 10-35 lbs, Blue
ACC-BD-1003-01 Power Band, 41 X 1.25in X 4.5MM Thick, 30-50 lbs, Green
ACC-BD-1004-01 Power Band, 41 X 1.75in X 4.5MM Thick, 60-85 lbs, Black
ACC-BD-1005-01 Power Band, 41 X 2.5in X 4.5MM Thick, 80-100 lbs, Purple
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